Lowe Corp. Launch Global Walking Challenge
for Mental Health Awareness Week

Embracing the sunny days of May, Lowe Corp. launched a global walking initiative to promote mental health, recognising that a vibrant team is rooted in a dynamic and healthy work environment.

Mental Health Awareness week aims to raise awareness and support mental well-being. This annual event highlights the importance of mental health, encouraging open conversations and the reduction of stigma associated with mental health issues. It also provides an opportunity for organisations and communities to engage in activities that promote mental wellness and support those facing mental health challenges.

Coinciding with National Walking Month in May, Lowe Corp. Charitable & Social Committee set a challenge for colleagues worldwide to walk 4,068 miles, mirroring the distance from our Lisburn headquarters to the Saudi Food Show in Riyadh.

Weekly competitions featured mini tasks such as submitting the most breath-taking view, walking buddy and most creative way of getting their steps in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme of ‘Movement: Moving More for Our Minds.’

With colleagues from around the world participating every day, Lowe Corp. surpassed the initial milestone within a fortnight. Prompting a new goal with an ambitious doubling of the target to 8,556 miles, charting a virtual course from Riyadh back to Lowe Corp.’s Spanish distribution center in Zaragoza. As the challenge continues, we are driving towards our new goal, continuing to reinforce the importance of mental health awareness and physical activity.

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