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Lowe Corporation offer an award-winning suite of Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) rental solutions across refrigeration and catering equipment, kitchen infrastructure and cold rooms. Complemented by innovative design consultancy and industry-redefining IoT technology that can be paired alongside for fully comprehensive solutions or stand-alone services.

Tailored to meet the demands of an ever-evolving world, our services our designed to seamlessly integrate into diverse business environments. Empowering customers all over the world to achieve commercial success, operational excellence, and sustainable achievements.

Key Statistics

Years Successfully Trading
Countries Sold Into
Continents with Established Operations
Portable Kitchens
Refrigeration & Catering Equipment Items

Services Offered

A suite of services designed to help businesses conduct and optimise day-to-day operations with ease.

Product Range

From cutting edge refrigeration and catering equipment to versatile cold rooms and portable kitchens, our product solutions are designed to meet diverse and dynamic client needs, no matter the challenge.

Markets Served

We offer a range of core services throughout 3 continents. Providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector and drive sustainable revenue across multiple industries.

Medium-Term Rental (Project Hire) Long-Term Rental (Rental+) Technology  Consultancy

Short-Term Rental

Short-Term Rental Medium-Term Rental (Project Hire)

Short-Term Rental Long-Term Rental (Rental+) Technology  Consultancy

Short-Term Rental Long-Term Rental (Rental+) Technology  Consultancy

F&B Manufacturers
Long-Term Rental (Rental+)

Medium-Term Rental (Project Hire) Consultancy

Facilities Management
Medium-Term Rental (Project Hire) Technology  Consultancy

Long-Term Rental (Rental+) Technology

Long-Term Rental (Rental+) Consultancy

Business Regions

We operate across Amercia, Europe, Asia and UK & Ireland with global headquarters in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. With strategically located facilities in each region, we are positioned to deliver exceptional service and expertise through the lens of local knowledge to clients worldwide.

Relentlessly Delivering
Sustainable Rental Services

We are reshaping the industry narrative from equipment ownership to sustainable rental solutions. Playing our part in a circular economy by maximising the useful asset lifespan of equipment, minimising waste and promoting reuse wherever possible.

We understand that achieving our mission requires looking inward as much as outward, which is why we are dedicated to operating sustainably whilst equipping businesses to do the same.

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